Max and Bionic Woman T-Shirt

Max and Bionic Woman T-Shirt

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This Bionic Woman t-shirt features an image of the first female cyborg Jaime Sommers and her bionic German Shepherd, Max.

Jaime Sommers was just your average tennis star until a near-fatal skydiving accident found her in Oscar Goldman's office, where Steve Austin pleaded with Goldman to save Sommers' life using cybernetic implants known as bionics.

Jaime Sommers was reconstructed as an operative of the Office of Scientific Intelligence and one of the most popular female characters in television history.

Show that you are a fan of the Bionic Woman and her loyal bionic dog with this Max and Bionic Woman t-shirt.

Fun fact: The Bionic Woman called her dog Max, but his full name was "Maximillion" because his bionics cost a million dollars.